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Profile Creation

Please note that "Students" apply to all registrants, both professional and personal, including Organization contacts.


Student Profile:

for single, individual learners (both personal and professional) who wish to register for offerings such as enrichment classes, conference events, professional training, etc.

How to Create Your Student Profile

Household Profile:

for signing up children - or any other family members.  If you think it's likely that you'll sign someone else in your household up for classes in the future, start a household profile.  When registering, you will always be prompted to choose which member(s) of the household to
register for each class.

How to Create Your Household Profile

Company profiles must be preapproved.  Please call Continuing Education at 701-224-5600 or 1-877-846-9387 | NECE 701-224-5651 or 1-800-852-5685.

Please Note: If you have previously registered via internet, phone, or mail, you may already have a profile.  Contact 701-224-5600 (1-877-846-9387) to get your access information sent to your email address.