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Continuing Education 

Thinking of Developing Yourself and Your Organization beyond? Continuing Education does that!
Continuing Education extends the resources of Bismarck State College to meet the needs for life-long learning, workforce training and conference planning.

General Questions and Registration Desk

TrainND Programs

If you're looking to advance the training and skills of your company, your department or just yourself, Continuing Education and TrainND can help. BSC’s partnership with TrainND provides customized training programs designed to serve the specific needs of business and industry.  Let us guide you through an array of consulting services, training workshops, custom curriculum development or staff development programs.
Contract Training Programs

Deb Larson

TrainND Manager
Phone: 701-224-2534 (1-877-846-9387)


Dave Huizenga
TrainND Manager
Phone: 701-224-5683 (1-877-846-9387)

Alison Zarr
Conference Manager/Open Enrollment Program Manager
Phone: 701-224-5731 (1-877-846-9387)



NECE Energy Programs
The National Energy Center of Excellence (NECE) develops industry recognized courses and programs to respond to the ever changing workplace needs.

General Questions
Phone: 701-224-5651 (1-800-852-5685)


Alicia Uhde

Training & Program Manager:
Phone: 701-224-5764 (1-800-852-5685)